Nayan Sureshraoji Pund

Civil and Water Management Engineering | BTECH | 2012BCW502 Placed In Al-Fara'a Infraa Projects, Mumbai Maharashtra, India

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Project Title : Artificial Groundwater Recharge

Project id : 2015BCWP008

Project Abstract :
: OBJECTIVES: To augment the ground water resources; to store the surplus surface water particularly for future uses; to conserve the ground water at the point of use; to increase the recharge rate of aquifer. . Since water is a community resource and hence needs community participation. Unless we join hands to recharge groundwater through water harvesting methods, the water scarcity will be hav

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: Dr.N.H.Kulkarni
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: Prashant Tamboli
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: Nayan Pund
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: Saket Raut
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: Mayur Nikam
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: Vaibhav Lakhade
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